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New Ways to Connect

Updated information for visiting Pitt’s campus, experiencing Pitt on your own, and discovering all the other ways you can find your place at Pitt.

This has been an unparalleled year for everyone in so many ways. Nearly one year ago, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA), like so many businesses and organizations around the country and world, had to shut down public-facing services and operate entirely virtual. Thanks to your patience and perseverance, we’ve zoomed through the year engaging and connecting with you in many different ways.   

Limited Campus Tours by Invitation Only

Several recent and positive changes related to the pandemic have created an in-person opportunity for an invitation-only tour to a limited number of guests beginning April 1, 2021. (More details about the invitations below.)  

Interest in Pitt has never been stronger. Pitt has received a record number of applications, nearly 33,000! The demand for visiting/touring campus by admitted and prospective students and families has never been greater. We need your help; this includes patience, grace, and understanding as we roll out campus tours for the first time in a year.   

Do not panic if you do not receive an invitation right away. As restrictions allow, we plan to accommodate as many students as possible, as soon as possible.

*For those Fall 2021 first-year admitted students who commit to Pitt by submitting their enrollment fee by the deadline on May 1, it is our goal to offer the opportunity to tour the Pittsburgh campus by August 1, 2021. 

We have much to learn in restarting tours while still maintaining every University, state, and CDC protocol in order to keep our community—and you, and your families—safe. Thank you for your understanding. It has been a privilege to be able to connect with you in many creative ways as you work through the college selection process.   

The Invitations  

As of April 1, invitations are being sent by email to first-year, admitted, undergraduate students who will start in Fall 2021. The invitations will be sent based on application date—the earlier you applied the earlier you will receive an invitation.  

*We know you’re excited for the opportunity. We are as well. Please do not call or email to ask for an invitation.
This will delay us getting students registered and opening up more invitations.*

The email invitation includes a unique code for the student and is good for the student and one guest. This guest must be a member of their immediate household, due to contact tracing requirements. The invitation has directions to sign up for one of our limited number of campus tours. These one-hour walking tours, guided by a student, will be primarily outdoors (rain or shine), as building access is limited to faculty, staff, and current students. No additional presentations or in-person meetings will be offered. To keep our guests and our community safe, the only way to register for this opportunity is by following the directions in the email invitation. These invitations are personalized, will arrive via email, and can only be used by the recipient. Additional communications with further detailed information will be sent once the visit is confirmed.  

No invitation? No worries!

You can find tips for a self-guided tour on this page.

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Admitted Students (first-year, transfer, international)

We hear you, and we are working to help you imagine your life at Pitt and answer the question, “How do you choose a college without a formal visit?” Please know it is possible. Here’s a story of one student who chose Pitt without ever having visited. Last year, more than 1,600 new undergraduate students enrolled without a formal visit (that is over a third of our incoming class!). The key is to take advantage of every possible opportunity to get to know your future home away from home. Take full advantage of a menu of options. Immerse yourself in everything Pitt — academic, extracurricular, social, athletic, research, innovation, diversity, and latest happenings. Don’t forget to spend some time getting to know one of America’s most dynamic cities—Pittsburgh.

Fall 2022 and Future Undergraduate Enrollment  

In a typical year, by June, the University is hosting large numbers of prospective students and families interested in applying for the following year. As you well know, this is not a typical year. Until we can safely offer on-campus visit programs to larger numbers of students and families, the best way to get to know Pitt is through a number of engagement opportunities that you can find here.

Check back for updated details on when on-campus visits will be expanded. Don’t worry…as long as you have told us that you’re interested in Pitt and we have your contact information, you can be sure that you will hear from us—probably shouting with joy that we can see you soon! 

Power of Pitt

At the University of Pittsburgh, we work extremely hard to keep our community safe. The Power of Pitt is our rallying cry to work together by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and washing our hands frequently. You can see what and how students have responded at

Questions about Financial Aid?

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