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Dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Making the Pitt experience accessible to more students from different backgrounds is more important now than ever before. The administration and faculty of Pitt is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the college experience: in classrooms, residence halls, laboratories, and activities. We invite you to learn more about resources and organizations available to all students.

On-Campus Resources

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Global Ties
LGBTQIA+ Resources
Office of Disability Resources and Services
Office of Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education (SHARE)
Office of Veterans Services
Reaching Inside Your Soul for Excellence (RISE)
Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD)

CCLD is a hub of campus activity. They advise some of the most active student organizations on campus, provide leadership development opportunities, and offer dynamic programming in the areas of diversity and culture, social justice, and Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Hillel JUC

Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD)

Student Organizations

Find your niche by connecting with one of our many student organizations, such as the Rainbow Alliance, Pitt FEM, Hillel JUC, Black Action Society, and Asian Student Alliance.

Steel City Step Show

Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD)

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Dedicated to scholarship, service, and philanthropy, these students add spirit to our community while forging lifelong bonds with one another.

Dr. Kenyon Bonner

Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD)

Social Justice

We engage students, faculty, and staff in our ongoing mission to promote a more just community.

Leadership summit

Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD)


The Emerging Leaders program lays the foundation for a promising leadership journey, by honing your skills in a fun and engaging environment.

International Orientation

Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD)


The Global Ties program promotes international education, develops global leadership, and helps international students acclimate to life on campus.