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We’re so excited that you’re interested in applying to the Pittsburgh Campus! Let us walk you through what you need to know and keep these tips in mind as you complete the application process.

Admissions Process For First-Year Students

Learn more about our Admissions Process for first-year undergraduate program students.

The University Of Pittsburgh operates on a rolling admission policy, which means that for our first-year students and undergraduate programs, there’s no set deadline for applying to Pitt. We review all university applications and make admissions decisions throughout the year, so it’s to your advantage to apply for college early—it’ll help you stay ahead of deadlines for scholarships, Frederick Honors College, and our Graduate School Guaranteed Admissions Programs. We look for a solid senior year curriculum as part of our university admissions review, so, while applying for college you also should make sure to keep up the good work during your senior year of high school. Every university application receives a holistic review by taking traditional measures of academic achievement into account, while also looking for what makes you unique and a good fit to attend college at Pitt.

During this process, we’ll ask you to rank your campus preferences, so learn about all that each of our four regional campuses has to offer. We’ll also ask you which of our first-year entry schools you would like to apply to and whether or not you would like to apply for consideration to Frederick Honors College, and/or one of our Guaranteed Admissions Programs. Make sure you’re ready with your answers when you start the application! Please note: First-year students who complete and submit an application for admission and all required materials by December 1 are automatically considered for University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships.

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