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Lock in admission at one of our top-ranked graduate and professional programs.

If you’re someone whose professional goals are clear, consider applying to Pitt as part of our Guaranteed Admissions Programs (GAP) at the University of Pittsburgh. Eligibility for guaranteed admission to Pitt is based on your academic record and, for select graduate programs, your intended major. When you apply to college and complete the online application for admission, you may request to be reviewed for a particular program by selecting from a drop-down menu of the Guaranteed Admissions Programs. You will only be notified if you are selected for a guarantee program.

Pitt guarantees are competitive, so we highly recommend you apply for admission early in your senior year of high school.

Guaranteed Admissions Programs

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Business Guarantee
Education Guarantee
Engineering Guarantee
Information Sciences Guarantee
Law Guarantee
Public and International Affairs Guarantee
Social Work Guarantee
Health Sciences Guarantees

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Communication Science Guarantee
Dental Medicine Guarantee
Health Informatics Guarantee
Medicine Guarantee
Nursing Guarantee
Occupational Therapy Guarantee
Pharmacy Guarantee
Physical Therapy Guarantee
Physician Assistant Guarantee
Public Health Guarantee
Rehabilitation Technology Guarantee
Sports Medicine Guarantee
Sports Science Guarantee