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International Students

We’re so excited that you’re interested in applying to Pitt! Let us walk you through the admissions process.

Applying to the University of Pittsburgh

We welcome applications from international students and want to make your application process as smooth as possible. It is to your advantage to plan ahead and submit your application and required admission materials early, especially if the school of your interest has unique deadlines.

Application Deadlines
Application Tips
  1. Use your full legal name on all documents
    Always use your full legal name as it appears on your passport when completing your admissions, TOEFL, and SAT/ACT applications. We will not be able to issue the necessary immigration documents if the name you provide on your application is different from your name as it appears on your passport.

  2. Do not list a PO Box as permanent address
    In order for the Office of International Services to issue your I-20 form, the permanent home address listed on your application for admission must be a foreign physical address.

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