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Determining the right path for you.

At Pitt, your educational major doesn’t define who you are. Pitt students are encouraged to explore their individual passions while they pursue their degree. However, your major does shape your time here at Pitt and informs your future career.

Haven’t decided on a major yet? Perhaps you’re weighing options. Pitt encourages you to embrace the opportunity to explore many paths to help you decide. Diversity of high-quality majors (more than 100!) is one of the many advantages of Pitt. We’re excited to help feed your curiosity. And help you eventually determine the right major for you.

Degree Finder

Picking a major is an important decision, and it’s important to know that you have great tools to help make this big decision—even if you’re not ready right now. One of our new tools the Degree Finder is designed to help you determine what path to take during your time here at Pitt.

More Than 100 Majors

All our undergraduate areas of study are designed to open up your future possibilities. Explore your interests and how they translate into a major, minor, or *certificate. Students can prepare for pre-professional programs like pre-medicine or pre-law by earning a degree and satisfying specific prerequisites, typically in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

*Certificate programs are a concentrated area of study in addition to your major or minor.