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Interest in Pitt has never been stronger, and we are thrilled to be on your list of colleges to visit! If you are looking to schedule a guided campus tour, you can find our options here. If you are unable to take a tour of campus with our beloved Pathfinders, you are welcome to explore this beautiful campus and city on a self-guided tour. Your adventure is up to you, but we have some tips to help get you started navigating campus.

6 Checkpoints from Pitt's Upper Campus, Lower Campus, and Everything Along the Way
  1. Log Cabin to Cathedral of Learning
    How it started vs. how it's going.

  2. Mary Schenley Fountain
    Great spot to get a selfie with Cathy.

  3. Light Up!
    Bright yellow modern art we call our giraffe.

  4. Schenley Quad
    Look up in the heart of campus to see where you'll live.

  5. Residence Hall Expo
    Check out a mock residence hall in the University bookstore.

  6. Petersen Events Center
    Let the games begin.

  7. Building Access Limited

    Most campus buildings are closed to the public. While you may not see everything on your list, there are tons of ways to see them virtually. Click here to explore.

    Mask Up, Back Up, Wash Up

    Make sure to review Pitt’s Health Rules to know about masking status indoors, keep safe distance from others, and practice hand sanitizing. Click here for more.

Log Cabin 
Log Cabin to Cathedral of Learning

Start your experience at our Log Cabin, which symbolizes Pitt’s original home and the era of Pitt’s founding in 1787. Today, the University of Pittsburgh is known for the Cathedral of Learning. (We call her Cathy for short.) She stands 42 stories or 535 feet tall as the tallest educational building in the Western Hemisphere. While Cathy is not open to the public right now, every angle is ready for a selfie. FUN FACT: The parallel lines of the building represent the unending quest for knowledge. Are you ready to expand yours?

Mary Schenley Fountain 
Mary Schenley Fountain 

Situated in front of the Frick Fine Arts Building, you'll see the Mary Schenley Fountain, also known as A Song to Nature. Designed by medalist Victor Brenner, who also designed the American penny, the 1918 landmark is a tribute to Mary Schenley. You'll notice the name Schenley throughout much of Pittsburgh, including the 456-acre Schenley Park, which is land that Mary Schenley donated and contains trails, woods, and attractions. The sculpted bronze and granite fountain sits at one of the many entrances to the park where students enjoy studying, staying active, and relaxing outside.

Light Up!  Statue
Light Up! (Giraffe) Statue in the Forbes Quadrangle  

Once you are standing between Posvar Hall and the Hillman Library, look for the bright yellow steel statue. We like to call the statue the Giraffe, although it has adopted many different titles by Pitt students over the years.  The statue, designed by artist Tony Smith, was originally located in downtown Pittsburgh and even had its debut as an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in  New York City before it landed at its current home on Pitt's campus.   

Schenley Quad
Schenley Quad

Look up from the center of campus and around at the tall buildings--those are residence halls. From modern residence halls to self-reliant apartment-style accommodations, we have housing to fit your lifestyle—25+residence halls for example. See inside with this 360 tour. Today, the Schenley Quad is filled with shops and eateries for a morning nosh or a late night snack. It’s also a great place to meet up with friends or get some outdoor studying action. Find the entrance to the University bookstore near Millie’s Ice Cream (yummy).

University Store & Residence Hall Room Expo

Once you're in the University Bookstore, you can find all of your books and must-haves for life at Pitt. If you want to experience what it feels like to step into one of Pitt's residence hall rooms, we have a mock set up for you to check out inside. Even though we can't show you the real thing, this should give you a sense of what it looks and feels like to live on-campus – a popular option for many students. P.S. Once you pay your enrollment deposit, you can secure your spot in on-campus housing.

The Petersen Events Center,
Petersen Events Center

The Petersen Event Center, a.k.a The Pete, is our state-of-the-art sports complex. It's built on 12.32 acres at the peak of Pitt's Upper Campus and is home to the Panthers' baseball, softball, and men's and women's soccer, and women’s lacrosse teams. As you've walked through campus, you may have noticed a few panther statues. There are nearly 20 physical representations of panthers on and around Pitt's campus. The bronze cast Panther statue outside of The Pete is a nod to Panther's sports history and the granite base of the statue features the retired jersey numbers of Pitt football legends.

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