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Maggie Moses

Meet Maggie Moses, a senior Marketing and Supply Chain Management with a certificate in Business Analytics student at Pitt’s School of Business. Maggie is proud to hail to Pitt because of the opportunity that Pitt provides to its students to do and explore what they want.


Sam Copeland

Meet Sam Copeland, a civil engineering student at Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering. 

For Sam, being a Pitt panther runs in the family. His parents met while studying at Pitt, and Sam’s first tour of the campus was when he tagged along with his father to a National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) alumni meeting. 

Sam is currently a proud member of NSBE, which he says has given him a “home away from home” while studying at Pitt. 

Sam chose to pursue Civil Engineering because of the field’s connection to environmental engineering and sustainability. He hopes to use his degree to pursue a career helping the environment.

One tip Sam gives to future Panthers is to make sure to connect with Pitt’s vast alumni network. These connections have opened the door to various career and academic opportunities for Sam in his freshman year. 

Sam hails to Pitt because of the endless opportunities the school has brought him professionally, academically, and personally. He is proud to continue his family’s legacy as a Panther.


Isabel Brownlee

Meet Isabel Brownlee, a senior Marketing with a certificate in Senior Entrepreneurship and a minor in Creative Writing student at Pitt’s School of Business. Isabel is proud to hail to Pitt because of the passionate and hard-working students and staff she has worked with. Start on your path to Pitt today!


Ben Wong

Meet Ben Wong, a future bioengineer and current Pitt student.


Ben discovered his passion for bioengineering during a field trip to Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center, located just a 15-minute drive from campus.


Ben was confident in his decision to pursue the bioengineering field, but for students who may be unsure of their best fit Pitt’s Swanson School for Engineering gives first-year students a chance to explore all ten different disciplines. 


Pitt’s engineering program has a 95% placement rate for students looking to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree, providing endless opportunity.


Isabela Garcia

Meet Isabela Garcia, a sophomore Information Science and History Dual Degree student at Pitt’s School of Computing and Information (SCI). 

Isabela was inspired by a fellow student’s presentation during Admitted Student Day and discovered a passion for the world of Information Science. Isabela describes the work her major does as “teach(ing) other people how to use computers and utilize the computers within actual companies,”

Isabela has found a community within the RA program and loves connecting with her residents, even if it is over Zoom. She cannot wait to reconnect with her residents in person. 

As she continues her studies, Isabela hopes to explore more of Pittsburgh’s many museums, art galleries, parks, and restaurants. 

Isabela is proud to hail to Pitt because she can be a part of a community that is always willing to help. 


Rushil Ramprasad

Meet Honors College student Rushil Ramprasad, who found a way to combine interests in world economy and sustainability into a future career path at Pitt. 

Rushil hails to Pitt because of the university’s dedication to intellectual curiosity and community engagement, along with a commitment to make the world a better place.


Alex Reznik

Meet Alex, a Pitt Panther studying biological science and chemistry. Alex chose The University of Pittsburgh not just for their prestigious pre-med program but also because of the focus on real-world experiences. For example, Alex has had the opportunity to work with world-renowned health network UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) and is currently studying cancer research at the Hillman Cancer Center.


Outside of the classroom, Alex takes advantage of Pitt’s urban campus. You can find him jogging in Schenley Park or checking out a new restaurant in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. 


The university’s commitment to fostering an environment of inclusion and unity is a big part of why Alex is proud to Hail to Pitt.


Kayla Haddad

Meet Kayla Haddad, a University of Pittsburgh business student.


Kayla transferred to Pitt and says the Mentor Match program was a big motivation in her college decision. This program connects current business students with Pitt alumni. The relationships Kayla built through this program helped earn her a spot in a prestigious internship program with Nestle!


While the transferring process can be stressful and overwhelming, Kayla says Pitt’s admissions office made the transition easy.


The opportunities not only for her future career but to connect with a community through her sorority and student groups is why Kayla hails to Pitt.


Thyra Altunin

Meet Thyra, a Music and Classics major.

Thyra came to Pitt looking to build on her passion for classical music, having played the piano since she was five years old. One of the first places Thyra visited on campus was Heinz Memorial Chapel.  The chapel’s high ceilings, repeated arches, and three-pedal organ make it the perfect venue for a classical concert. At Pitt, the Music department offers students like Thyra the opportunity to take organ lessons right inside this historic building. In her words: “It was a dream come true and I jumped on it. Playing here, you can hear the sound reverberating around you. I imagine that I’m playing in the time of Bach and suddenly he’s going to walk in and give me feedback on how I’m playing.” Pitt also gave Thyra the opportunity to pursue her passion abroad, traveling to Italy for a six-week internship at The Paideia Institute for Classical Music in Rome. “Our office was a couple blocks from the Vatican. As a student it helped me to grow and realize these times were real and not just something I read about in a textbook,” Thyra added.

Education doesn’t get more hands on than that.


Dmitriy Babichenko

Dmitriy Babichenko is a Professor of Practice and also a Project Director for the Learning Technologies Laboratory in the School of Computing and Information. He currently teaches Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, Python for Data Management and Analytics, Implementation of Information Systems, Introduction to Database Management System, and Game Implementation. His research is focused around game design and finding ways to create educational, yet engaging games that can teach students positive lessons. He is currently working on creating a game that teaches children about food choices and the effects that they have on their health. Gaming projects in the Learning Technologies Laboratory vary from topics like medical, pharmaceutical, and childhood education.