Chase Diehl - Admissions | University of Pittsburgh

Chase Diehl

Meet Chase Diehl, an Accounting and Finance major. Chase is more than a numbers guy, and he wanted his college career to reflect that. Pitt’s 500+ student organizations give him the freedom to pursue all of his interests, and it was the biggest thing that stood out to him when making his college decision. Outside of the classroom, Chase is involved in the Political Science Student Association, the snowboard club, and his favorite-the Pitt Pendulums acapella singing group. Chase has taken a leadership role with the Pitt Pendulums. He is the group’s event coordinator, which means he manages their performance bookings on campus and around Pittsburgh. Currently, Chase is working on writing an 18-part musical arrangement for the group that showcases everyone’s favorite songs. At Pitt, Chase has found a place to grow both in the classroom and beyond

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