Harsh Hiwase - Admissions | University of Pittsburgh

Harsh Hiwase

Transfer Student

The Singapore native says he had his sights on Pitt for its strong STEM core. “Biological sciences, neuroscience, microbiology…it’s very firm in those areas. I enjoy the freedom and exposure to the different fields so I can decide in the future what my major should be.”

As an international student, Harsh admits there were several logistics to work through when transferring, but he was never alone at Pitt. “Admissions and International Services staff were really willing to see things through and make sure I got a solution.” Harsh says what helped his stress the most was everyone’s commitment to follow-up. He would regularly hear back from Pitt personnel who made sure any issues had been resolved.

Today, Harsh couldn’t be more proud of attending Pitt. “When friends from other colleges come over they tell me, ‘Wow, your campus is amazing!’…I like that feeling of being at a premier institute,” says Harsh.

And Harsh insists there are several reasons he hails to Pitt—for the high-tech classroom amenities, the access to research, but maybe most importantly the people. “I hail to Pitt for the community. It’s great! Everyone’s loving. Everyone’s caring and supportive, and there’s always someone at Pitt you can rely on if you want to do something big.”

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