Zetian Ni - Admissions | University of Pittsburgh

Zetian Ni

Zetian, who grew up in Pittsburgh, says Pitt was the only place he applied to. The former Marine had traveled the world, but knew he always wanted to return home for his schooling—primarily for the “big campus environment,” multiple student activities, and sporting events.

Zetian admits he may have been sure of the school, but was unsure of the process. “I didn’t know how to use my military benefits. I didn’t know how the GI bill worked. I didn’t know how my transfer credits would go. I’ve never taken the SAT. But honestly,” Zetian says, “it was easier than I thought.” And he attributes the smooth sail to the knowledge and commitment of admissions, advising, and veterans services staff.

Zetian says he knows he’ll leave Pitt with more than a degree. He’s made forever friendships and that, he insists, is priceless.