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The Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is a list of your courses and associated grades that have been completed or will be completed for high school or college credit. The SRAR is required for domestic first-year US students and replaces the official high school transcript during the Admissions Committee review process. Since accuracy is critical, please have an electronic version of your official grade report or an official high school transcript to reference as you are completing the SRAR. For a tutorial on how to fill out the SRAR, please refer to the video instructions or FAQs below!

Questions You Might Have About the SRAR

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Is the SRAR required?
How do I create a SRAR?
I already filled out the grades section in the Common Application. Do you still want me to fill out the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)?
How do I list my senior classes on the SRAR?
How do I list college courses taken during high school on the SRAR?
How do I list high school courses taken while I was in middle school or junior high school on the SRAR?
How do I list summer courses on the SRAR?
What if I repeated or withdrew from one or more of my classes?
What if I attended more than one high school?
What if 9th or 10th grades are not considered high school in my district?
What if I have a change to my academic record after submitting my SRAR and Pitt application?
If I completed the SRAR, when do I submit an official high school transcript?