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We know that navigating the transfer process to another college can be daunting, and we're here to help!

Transfer to Pitt: Admissions Process

As you’re thinking about where you want to finish your degree, we encourage you to explore all of your opportunities to connect with us. Our Admissions Counselors are here to help answer all of your student transfer questions and help guide you through the application process. We recommend starting with our Transfer Tool to see which credits will count towards your degree at Pitt.

Your continued academic success is important to us, and your application will be reviewed holistically, which considers factors such as grade trends, cumulative grade point average, number of credits completed, the level of challenge of your curriculum, your intended field of study, transferable courses and credits, coursework completed that is relevant to your school/major, and the type(s) of institution(s) you have attended. You must also be eligible to re-enroll at all prior institutions attended from the standpoint of academic, financial, and disciplinary records.

The Transfer Credit/GPA Guidelines will give you an idea of what each school/college recommends.  Meeting the guidelines does not guarantee admission, nor does failure to meet the guidelines preclude admission. Non-academic factors may also be considered if:

  • You are an adult student and/or a veteran.
  • You have significant work-related experience
  • You possess particular outstanding talents

If you have additional questions about the transfer application process, we’re here to help! You can submit a question and a Transfer Enrollment Services Manager will be in contact with you; make sure to include your contact information and the best time(s) to reach you.

Application Checklist
  1. Complete application for admission.
    Get started on your application as soon as possible.

  2. Pay $55 application fee.

  3. Submit official high school and college transcripts.
    The SRAR is not accepted for transfer students and transcripts from all high schools and colleges (if applicable) need to be submitted. Submit transcripts electronically to:

  4. Submit application without standardized test scores
    Please note that submitting SAT or ACT scores is not required for transfer students and the committee will determine admissibility by relying more heavily on other admissions factors.

  5. Required Additional Information

    The following schools/programs require that you submit additional information: School of Education, School of Social Work, and School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (Athletic Training, Communication Science, Emergency Medicine, Dietitian Nutritionist Program, Health Informatics, Nutrition Science, and Rehabilitation Science). Your application will not be considered complete without this information.

    Transfer of Credit

    The University of Pittsburgh generally accepts credits from institutions at which the applicant has received a grade of “C” or better in college-level coursework (not remedial) that corresponds to a course in our curriculum in content and credit value. Pass/Fail courses may be accepted for transfer credit if it can be documented that a “P” grade corresponds to a grade of “C” or better.

International Transfer Student
Harsh Hiwase

"I chose Pitt for the strong biological sciences, neuroscience, and microbiology programs it offers. I enjoy the freedom and exposure to the different fields so I can decide in the future what my major should be.”

Transfer Student
Jade Minniefield

"I decided to transfer to Pitt for 3 reasons: the cost, the city experience, and the university’s reputation. Pitt is super rigorous to get into and it holds a lot of weight in the real world. Being able to graduate with a degree from here proves a lot."

Veteran Transfer Student
Hunter Griffith

"The Air Force was exciting, however, my time at Pitt has been filled with amazing things to do that I couldn't get anywhere else. As a member of the 'Choose a Challenge' club, I am exposed to opportunities that feed my passion for outdoor adventure and physical fitness."

Neha Devineni

“For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a doctor. I'm still figuring out my niche, that's 100% the advantage of Pitt. I found in my gen ed classes so many valuable passions I didn’t even know I had.”

Zetian Ni

"I grew up in Pittsburgh and knew that I wanted a big campus environment. I also wanted to be able to use my military benefits from my time in the Marines. The Pitt team made the transition easier than I thought it'd be."

Shaista Rahim

"Pitt couldn't be a better, more motivating environment. Every day I come to campus I know I'm going to learn something I've always wanted to learn!"

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